下花山村做牙 2011-08-14

下花山村做牙 2011-08-14下花山村做牙 2011-08-14下花山村做牙 2011-08-14


下花山村做牙 if translated into english may look ” The village of Ha Fa Shan making a tooth “. However, ” making a tooth”  is a Chinese traditional rituals of God worshiping  that happens every month when the moon is full.

Anyway,  it’s indeed another form of gathering or celebration owing to the group’s / villager’s  love, care and cherish for each other. This time, it was their xx times  gathering that originated more than 50 yrs ago.

And from what we realize heritage is, the village present to us a perfect example for it’s not just a history but about an ongoing human relationship.

Thanks Lingnan University for introducing this wonderful community to me.


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