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Born 1966

staff photographer from 1989 to 2001 for


Since 2002, I worked as a freelance photographer with jobs including

official photographer for the World Trade Organisation 2005 HK Ministerial Conference
photography for the Hong Kong International Airport 2005 Calendar
photography for the Open University HK Annual report from 2002

This was also the year I started the

infra-red photography project.


In 2008, I was consigned by the HK Housing Authority for a photographic project in the Lower Ngau Tau Estate 牛頭角下村, which it would be demolished and those residents and shops within had to move out by the end of 2009.


Related Link for the LNTK project:

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) organised the “Light and Shade: life passé in old estates” Photo and Video Exhibition
Special thanks to Hans Nyberg, 360VR of LNTK at http://www.Panoramas.dk
The above LNTK book published by Asia One
LNTK guestbook


“2008-09  – Imaging Hong Kong – Contemporary Photography”
“Light and Shade: life passé in old estates” Photo and Video Exhibition
Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2009
“Just another exercise” solo photo exhibition 2010
From the vanishing point 「來自消失點─廉租屋的最後時光」攝影展覽 2010
Dali International photography exhibition 2010
City Flâneur: Social Documentary Photography 2010
“Roads . Lights” solo exhibition at lumenvisum 2011
LNTK on iDome at RunRun Shaw Creative Media Centre grand opening festival 2011
Wall Exhibition: Vanishing Cityscapes: The Last Hong Kong Resettlement Estate 2012
「新界東北STYLE – 生活是可以這樣的 」 藝術展2013 at JCCAC
PAINTING with LIGHT – A Central without People, 2013 a solo exhibition at Fringe Club
Dances with the Green – An Art exhibition on the Northeastern New Territories at CMC, City University of HK
This Slow.That fast: Animamix Biennale 2013-14

Like a ship needs a lighthouse to guide its journey, we are eager
for something to shed light on our own way to life , whether it is
education, law, a norm, religion or what’s not .
Yet, we are, still lost.



 night / “Roads.light” Exhibition《路.燈》攝影個展 

I like to raise doubts; I like to be naive; and I like to refrain myself from seeking for a subject title and even an absolute answer.

–Just another exercise

Film IR

Perhaps a ‘reflection of my life’ that taking me to my good old home, or is it a question about whether this city is indeed a ghost city ? Anyway, it was fun .

–A Central without people

a central without people

A new challenge for an endless exploration, both speeding up and slowing down, and life goes on until it comes to an end..

digital infrared

As the troops go marching in, love and logic can’t kept clear. Times gone by and so as the instinct once possessed..